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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You’re Not Crazy That Noise in the Attic Is a Squirrel!

If you’re wondering what that annoying scratching noise is every time you’re standing in your bathroom brushing your teeth, you’re not crazy it may just be squirrels up in your attic. These little critters tend to enter through the fascia surrounding your roof or openings you’re not aware of, which makes total since considering it's just about the same height as their natural home, the tree.

It's important to get these guys out and quick, typically they start in the attic, once comfortable they will start using your home as a personal jungle gym, exploring vents and walls and leaving you with an annoyance far worse than what you’re experiencing now! Damaged insulation, chewed electrical wires, chewed PVC, feces and worse squirrel babies! Though cute this will be a disaster if left unattended! It's important to get a rodent exterminator to deal with the squirrel in your attic and patch all holes found to make sure it doesn't happen again!

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