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Friday, February 22, 2013

How to choose the best GoPro Accessories

With the launch of the GoPro HD Hero 3 camera, GoPro have pretty much set the defacto standard for HD action sports cameras, even the GoPro HD Hero 2 is still pretty unrivaled in use and mounting options.

However, once you have had one of these cameras for awhile you tend to find that you can think of more and more uses for it, whether that be when out skiing, cycling, surfing or any other action sport, even still shots and timelapse are possible with the GoPro HD Hero.

When someone watches a film shot from a single angle, they quickly realize that it is important to mix up angles and camera positions so that the final edited film is dynamic and interesting to watch and the search begins in order to resolve this.

Choosing an accessory is often down to solving a problem, such as the GoPro battery life, maybe you don't want to be wearing the camera but have it attached to your bike or car so you can film yourself, or get an angle close to the ground, maybe you want to ensure the camera is securely attached, or will float if you and it get separated.

The two main issues people often cite are battery life and the lack of a a screen to preview and review what you are shooting, both are solvable with GoPro Accessories.

There really is a baffling array of accessory options, both offical GoPo and aftermarket, to allow you to mount, modify and protect your GoPro Camera, if you have ever asked the question: What GoPro Accessories do I need? then check out this page, it's full of great ideas and options to enable you get the most out of this fabulous camera.

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