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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Best Way to Get Rid of Rats

Rats have an uncanny habit of reproducing at an alarmingly high rate. They take only 3 months to reach full sexual maturity and give birth to 4 to 7 litters yearly. The disturbing fact is that if you are not doing anything even after spotting rats in your house then they will multiply very fast. By a few months the infestation can get totally out of control. The best way to get rid of rats is to exterminate them as soon as you spot them and make your home totally rodent-free.

Set up traps…The traps are the best way to catch these rodents and control their population. Snap, glue and live traps are the three main varieties of traps available in the market nowadays. The snap traps are wooden ones that have been used by people for many years now. The glue board traps can get really messy but are very effective in trapping the rats by gluing them to the board. The live traps are designed to catch the rats alive but the little one can escape from these traps. Use the trial-and-error method to determine which traps works perfectly in your house.

Give poison…The rat poison can kill a rat with just a single dose. The rat poisons can be bought from hardware stores or you can buy it online. However, when you are setting up a rat poison attach it to a location which is out of the reach of children or house pets. But dead rats can give off awful smell; so it is always better to stick to traps. The rat poisons are highly effective, no doubt, but as they are very dangerous it is always suggested that you try the traps first. Traps have been proved time and again as the best way to get rid of rats.
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