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Monday, September 23, 2013

Is Sending The First Text The Right Move?

Text messages play a critical role in the dating game. As a girl, once you get the number of the guy you have always been attracted to, you are bound to get this strong urge to text him first. This is the reason why most girls wonder: Is sending the first text the right move? There are instances where this may not work and they are discussed below.

It can be quite annoying when you do not hear from the guy you have feelings for particularly if it has been for several days. Despite this, you need to resist the urge of sending him the first text message asking him why he has not called you. At such a time when you are angry, you are likely to send a text which you will later regret having sent and it shows that you are massively insecure.

After the initial couple of dates, girls are always eager to keep communication going and will often ask: Is sending the first text the right move? This is never a good idea. Once you reach out to him, the thrill you have of chasing him will reduce.

When you are drunk, you might get tempted to send your guy a text message. You are strongly advised against doing this. You need to fight the urge of sending messages when you are intoxicated. It only makes you look too available.

If you had already sent him a text message earlier on in the day, then you should fight the temptation to send him continuous text messages. Guys like to take things slow and it is better for him to text you first.

When he is spending time with his family, you should wait for him to text you first. It may be hard to resist sending the first text while he is spending quality time with family members but you should resist the temptation of pulling yourself too hard on him. The instances mentioned above are the 5 times you shouldn't text him.

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