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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Texting a Guy You Like

Texting a guy you like is done instinctively so that you can put your thoughts into the text. But you should not always be available for the guy which will make you as a challenge for the guy. There are many things that you can text to the guy you have met and you liked him.

These things will definitely make the guy smile and also make him think about you. When texting, you will never want to send something that will make you appear boring to the guy but in contrast you will want to be portrayed as an easy going and fun loving girl. These texts will make him start liking you and also make him smile whenever he thinks about you. 

These things are as follows:

How was your day today? This is the best way of staring a conversation even if it may seem a little boring. It’s a known fact that almost every man wants someone in their life who cares about them and wants to know how their day was spent. This will make the guy happy and make him feel that you are concerned about him. 

Are you busy? Texting him a question like this will make the guy feels that you are showing interest in him and you are eager to talk to him. This will actually lead to a phone conversation and you can talk after texting the guy you like. 

Sending him jokes that show your sense of humor- making a guy laugh is the best way to get closer to him because a good sense of humor helps in connecting better. Sending jokes is an appropriate way of building your relationship and showing that you are fun to be with. 

With the help of these ways you can start conversation with the guy you like but you should never hesitate or think that should I text him first as texting first will not do any harm for you. 


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