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Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Should I Text Him

Texting is one of the dating tools that have gained popularity in the recent past. If properly used following simple rules of communications, texting will get the lady the man of her dreams. What should I text him is the big question? The content of your text will entirely depend on how long you have been dating. 

Salutation; for example, what are you up to today? Everybody loves greetings before anything. But words must be selected carefully as this will determine the kind of image and impression you create in him. On the other side, some salutation may not help you to know much about him. By taking the above mentioned example, he will probably open up and this will be crucial in knowing what he likes doing or engaging in. 
What do you love doing during the weekend? Men love and like to be acknowledged always! It is important therefore to show them that you are interested in them and it’s about them. This will help you know whether you can hook up with him over the weekends.

What should I text him? Yes, I have some chores around here, but if you need me I will be available. Be the first one to say goodbye as this will leave the man wanting more instead of behaving desperately. 
I have to go now, talk later: By, the way you end the text speaks volumes about yourself. With this kind of text, the man will develop a strong interest in you. The text may speak about politeness and kindness in you which majority men are interested in. 

Should Itext him first? If it is a guy that you have met and gives you his number, then it will be in order to text him first to show your interest. But if it is a relationship with established communication and always you are the one to text first, and he only responds, then stop texting first or stop it completely!


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