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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Texting Guys First

Texting is a prime means of communication between a guy and a lady. Texting guys first is a way of building intense attraction with men in your life. In fact, this is the best dating tool that you can use for engagement. There are basic rules that you need to use when texting a guy first. The following are some of the rules.

Basic rules on how to text a guy first
When texting a guy first, you need to be in an established relationship. If you have only met for a few months and you haven’t gone for the first date, you need not to text the guy first.

The first rule that you need to know is that if you text a guy and he doesn’t respond, don’t text him repeatedly. This will send signals that you are desperate. In addition, it shows him that you are more invested in him. You need not to cheat yourself that he might be busy and forgot text you back. The level of commitment should be high at the initial stages especially when you are getting to know each other.
The second rule that you need to follow is that, you need not to engage yourself in texting a guy for the whole day when he texts you back. Actually, it is fun and exciting. However, you will give him too much information and he will not be missing you.

The next rule for texting guys first is this: when you text the guy first and he response, don’t keep sending him texts. This will give him the picture of you being idle and you’re just sitting by the phone. Just wait for approximately 15 minutes before you text back. If there is a job you are doing, you need to finish first before texting the guy back.
In conclusion, it is fun and a great way to flirt with men in your life when you text the guy first. The question which you might ask yourself is: should I text him first? By following the above guidelines, it will give you a hint on texting guys first.

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