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Monday, September 23, 2013

After a Date, Who Should Text First?

Texting is a great tool used by couples to communicate simple and short messages, and even flirt without the complications that may come with a phone call. We know that once you have gotten that cute guy’s number you are likely to send him messages, before, during and after class or work. However, there are instances where too much texting can destroy a relationship before it has gotten off the ground.

Here are five times when a girl should never text her new boyfriend.

After Your First Date…It may be tempting to texting to text your new boyfriend after an amazing date, but resist the urge. So, after a date, who should text first? Actually, texting is a terrific format to say “thank you” for a wonderful date. Most men will view such a text message as a definite signal that you are interested in seeing them again. The best way is to let your guy thank you for setting time apart to be with him. This will provide a good ground for the relationship to grow.

When He is Out with His Male Friends…It is very essential to give your new boyfriend time with his male friends. Remember that every man needs some time alone and the moment you try to undermine his male bonding time, you will become a less attractive girlfriend. If you are wondering what he is doing while he is out, get over it. Furthermore, good love relationships are only built on trust. Teach yourself to respect your new partner.

When you are Drunk…If you are too drunk, it is up to you to stop yourself from sending a tipsy message. Text messages can be a double edged sword and can work against you if you do not use some common sense. Try to avoid steamy or extremely romantic remarks. 

When You Are Angry…Avoid angry texts when you have just met your new boyfriend. Messages such as “Why haven’t you called me?” can make you look to anxious. Such messages can make your boyfriend to freak out.

When You Have Already Texted Him That Day…If you are still wondering, “after a date, who should text first?" It is imperative to note that texting is inherently impersonal for an ongoing relationship. Therefore, avoid too much texting as you are in danger of ending up alone. This behavior can be interpreted as being over anxious or even creepy.

With a proper knowledge of the above 5 times when you shouldn't text him, you will definitely have a long lasting relationship with your new boyfriend.

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