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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bring the Passion Back with Text Messages

Most of the times lack of passion in a relationship is the primary reason for the decline of love, which leads to dullness in a relationship. It doesn’t matter how bad the situation might become, there are always some way that can help you in restoring the previous state of the relationship and bring back the passion. Most of the times problem in a relationship happens due to lack of communication and best way to get rid of this problem is by communicating through text messages.

Bring the Passion Back With Text Messages…

Start Slow…Although, your ambition is to have a night that has hot and fulfilling sex, but you need to start slow. Therefore, instead of starting with messages that invariably relate to sex positions start with messages that are declaration of your love.

Send Light Messages…When you start sending messages that have a passion in their themes, it’s better to start with messages that have humor centric. It means the messages that are jokes, with a spice of passion in it. Best thing about messages is that they are easy to send and receive in most of the social situations, thus use this to your benefit.

Read the Signals…Read the signs that your partner is sending through their text messages and proceed accordingly. If you need to break some ice, then use that type of messages first, and then move to steamier messages. In the start don’t try to send messages that are undue long, go for messages that are shorter than 160 characters.

Flirt With Target…Flirting by having an argument is fun, but you should have your intentions clear. Always lead your messages to something, like going for dinner, going for party, etc. There are several ways to bring the passion back with text messages, but you need to connect the dots yourself.

There are many people that have no idea about how to use text messaging to create sexual tension, but the above advice would surely help them.


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