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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

How to Text Flirt to Guys

No matter how many text messages you may receive each day, nothing is as heartwarming, knee weakening and exciting as seeing your cell phone’s screen come to life with your crush’s name crowning the inbox. Sending back the perfect reply can be challenging. This is because you may want to balance between keeping him guessing and giving him the lead toward your charms of affection. As a result, it is significant to have a couple of ideas, on how to text flirt guys.

To smelt a man with the power of your fingers and thumbs remember to remain in control of the text conversation. Achieve this by taking the “confident lady” approach and write something to the effect of, “Stop drooling, I miss you too.” You can end your second text with words that makes you feel vulnerable to his charms to set up your next meet. Phrases that may help you pull this off goes something like, “Your arm around my waist the other day gave me chills, now I am trying to grapple with thoughts of what might go down next time."
A mixture of the “tease and “getting to know you” text writing techniques can be effective in extracting sensitive information without sounding intrusive and impolite. Cell phone texts such as “If you were by my side, I would have whispered to your ear with a swish of warm air, let you into my world and get answers to questions such as your age, passion and fear.” This is how to text flirt to guys if you want to understand them more before making up your mind on how soon you wish to meet them.

You may follow this with a touch of your “semi-nasty girl” credentials and drop something like, “I kiss the roses you send to me in my dreams and feel the fragrance of my Adonis with a touch of silk on my...” And with these, you shall have mastered how to use text messaging to create sexual tension.

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