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Friday, October 18, 2013

Tips On How to Get a Man to Propose Without All the Pressure

It is natural for most mature women to think about marriage when they meet the right guy. It is true to say that both men and women think a like when it comes to a number of things but when it comes to marriage they think completely different. A woman might be thinking about marriage when the man is thinking of other things and not marriage. This is because men have different ideas about when to marry.

The following are ways on how to get a man to propose without all the pressure… 
Make long term plans that involves both of you…A man may be in love with you but in his mind he has no future with you. The best way to get him thinking about having a future with you is by making long term plans together for example talk about buying a house together, or having an investment together. This will trigger his mind into thinking about proposing to you.  

Take good care of him …When you are in a relationship and you feel that this is the guy you want to settle down with, give him the best treatment he can get. Make him better encourage him when he is down make him feel he cannot do without you. Although men pretend to be very strong emotionally they are also weak and once in their life they need a shoulder to lean on. Be that shoulder and it will take a very short time before he proposes. 

Show him that you are the girl of his dreams…This is yet another tip on how to get a man to propose without all the pressure. You can do this by being good to him, make him enjoy and miss your company, give him good sex, listen to him and pay attention to whatever he says, buy him simple but stylish gifts, don’t nag him just show him you are the perfect girlfriend he has always wanted. Keep on doing this and surely he will see that you are a perfect wife material and he will propose.  

In summary, if you are looking for ways on how to get a man to propose without all the pressure you can use the above tips and you will surely win his heart and he will go down on his knees and propose. 

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