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Friday, October 18, 2013

How Can I Make My Boyfriend Propose to Me?

How can I make my boyfriend propose to me? This can be a question that is really disturbing you after staying with your man for some time and he seems not to propose. That is normal in case you love him so much .Actually a marriage is a case that is different from the relationship that you are already in. In a marriage there is commitment.

This is what may be making your man be reluctant in proposing to you. For you to achieve in making him propose the marriage to you the following are ways on how you will stop wondering on, how can I make my boyfriend propose to me?

Make him feel like he cannot without you by acting as a wife material…Through making him feel like life is impossible without you he will end up making plans on how he will have you for life. Some of the simple thing you will be required to do for you to accomplish this is to treat him well in year relationship. Try as much as possible to do all that a man will like in a woman .Through fulfilling your duty as a woman to him he will end up feeling obliged to do the same to you where he will develop the idea of proposing the marriage.

Talk to him about marriage…After you have stayed in your relationship for long enough and you see all is going on well you can take your time and discuss the issues. In discussing the issues let him air out his views then you talk about them. In case he is not ready for a commitment you should be able to defend your point of getting committed with him in a marriage. In your discussion try to identify his fears in marriage and assure him on how you will tackle them successfully .Through employing these simple tips the question on, `how can I make my boyfriend propose to me?’ cannot disturb you anymore.

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