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Friday, October 18, 2013

4 Tips to Get Him to Propose to You

If you have found a good man, met him and entered into a serious relationship with him, the next thing is to formalize the relationship by proposing to you. However, many women today find themselves without a ring even after being with a man for many years. If you are in such a situation, use these 4 tips to get him to propose to you.

Be your best…If you are an attractive woman, his eyes will always be on you. He will obviously stare at other women, but this will just be a comparison to understand why you are the most attractive woman to him. However, being attractive is not all about your physical appearance. Just try to be your best. Some of the things that can make you more attractive to your man include femininity, confidence, happiness, intelligence and high self-esteem.

Create a bond with him…Try to create a deep bond with him while spending time together by sharing your intimate thoughts, desires and many experiences. This will make him to develop a soft spot for you and he will want to be with you and no one else. A bond will develop between both of you that cannot be easily broken. 

Win over his friends and family…Another way to make your man propose is to win over his friends and family. If you make his buddies your friends and be closer to his family, they will pressurize him to make the big step. In fact, they will work behind the scenes.

Tell him how you desire marriage without nagging him...You can mention to him how you desire and value marriage. You can also give some hints indirectly by making some comments related to marriage. For example, when driving past some nice church, you can say, “I would like to get married in such a church.” However, don’t nag him about this issue as he will develop resistance instead of warming up to the idea. 

If you use these 4 tips to get him to propose to you, your dreams will come true. But let him think about it and decide on his own.

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