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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 Ways to Make Your Man Commit to a Relationship

If you are dating a man you like and you think he also like you, but he is not committing to the relationship. Then it’s time that you should take some steps to get him to commit. If you are thinking what could be the steps that you need to take to get him to commit to a relationship, then follow the three valuable ways given below.

 3 Ways to Make Your Man Commit to a Relationship

 1. Don’t Give a Ultimatum…The natural response of most women to get him to commit to a relationship, is to give him an ultimatum. Although, it might seem a decent approach to many women, but it has many drawbacks. By giving ultimatum you give the option to a guy of “all or nothing,” which makes him associate stress and pain with the relationship. If you are thinking of a long term relationship, then it could backfire as he would romanticize with freedom all the time and craving for being single. 

2. Don’t Give Him All the Benefits…It’s a nice idea to make him earn his place in your life. Therefore, don’t give yourself completely to a guy before getting commitment for the relationship. This rule extends the realm of a sexual relationship. Therefore, you should restrain yourself from breaking your plans for him, taking his care when he is ill, etc. The basic idea is that guy shouldn’t get the feeling that he is getting all the benefits of having a relationship without committing, as it would further restrain him from committing.  

3. Associate Yourself with Fun…When you meet him make him feel that he is spending the best time of his life with you. This would make him want you to stay and he would miss you when you leave. You need your man to realize that you are worth having in his life, as you would bring more fun, more romance and more excitement, to his life.

The 3 ways to make him commit suggested above can be used by any woman for any man in any stage of a relationship.

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