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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Make a Man Commit in a Relationship

If you are sure you found your other half and you’ll like be stay on safe grounds in your relationship you would like to hear some commitment from your partner. But is possible that you already waited for a while and he doesn’t give you any clues of his intentions for the future. Then you may ask yourself: “how to get a man to commit to me?”. Actually that is not as difficult as you might think it is. You can make anyone to commit if you want it.

 The sure way to make your partner commit to you is to rock his world. He needs to feel awesome around you. You need to be at your best. Avoid by any means to be clingy, needy and fearful. Keep a self-confident attitude and make your partner respect you, treat you well and earn the privilege to be with you. Make him appreciate you at your real value. Men don’t like it easier. They like to feel that what they’re pursuing is really worth their time.

If you are still asking yourself the question: “how to get a man to commit to me?”, here are some more tips on how to get what you want. Avoid giving a man an ultimatum. A mistake that many women looking for commitment make is to give an ultimatum, to threaten the man that if he does not exclusively commit to her then she’ll end the relationship. Men don’t like to be pushed and if you make him choose all or nothing that will make him associate stress with commitment.

Among the ways to make him commit is to take care to not give yourself totally to a partner before you are sure of his intentions to commit in the relationship. That is not about sex but about how much of your time you give to your partner. Don’t be available at any time he’s calling you for a date. Show him you have your own schedule, your life and your hobbies. If you give too much before any commitment then why a man would ever feel an urge to commit more?

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