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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Get a Man to Commit to You

While finding a man may be a difficult task, keeping that man may prove to be an even more difficult task. The problem with most women is they think men do not want to commit. That they have developed a phobia towards commitment and would flee at the slightest opportunity if they sense that they are being asked to commit.

The truth is that any man can commit; it just takes the right mindset, attitude, and effort to get him to do that. It is important to know how to get a man to commit to you and develop a deeper relationship that is fun and meaningful.

First things first, love yourself. It is very difficult to get somebody to like you or even love you if you do not love and appreciate yourself. You need to create the impression that you are a fun and interesting person to be around. Nobody likes whines and nags. If you do not love yourself, who will? Staying positive and happy is key in getting and maintaining relationships. If you cannot blow his mind, then he won’t have any reason to commit to you. A man would want to be around you the moment he figures, you are fun and your company is awesome. 

The next step is to teach him how to treat you. One major mistake that most women make is they become clingy and needy. This behavior repels men; and it even gets worse when she pays him surprise visits at his apartment without his consent or starts texting him all the time in an effort to win him over.

The truth is, this is wrong as you do not have to go all the way in a relationship. You have to do a certain percentage and leave him do the rest to make it a hundred percent. How to get a man to commit to you can be challenging but once you know the things to avoid, and follow the above ways to make him commit, then you can get any man to commit to you. This because commitment is a decision that a person makes based on choices and considerations.

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