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Thursday, November 07, 2013

How to Get Your Boyfriend to Love You
Ever wondered what it takes to make your boyfriend love you? You feel the urge to be more than a friend to him; you want him to love you. You may be doing everything right but you still haven’t got him where you want him to be. Don’t worry, let me help you in your endeavor, here’s how to get your boyfriend to love you.

Make Him Love You Through Your Actions…Relationships are about creating a balance and making the right environment for love to thrive. Balance your actions to help create the right atmosphere for love without making your boyfriend feel overwhelmed. 

Lay emphasis on the balance between listening and speaking, spontaneity and routine, and most importantly love and lust.

Allow Your Boyfriend Time on His Own…Naturally guys love being independent so ensure your boyfriend has enough time to himself Allow him mingle with other guys. In the meantime you can hang out with your girlfriends. Just like you, your boyfriend loves talking to his friends as a way of reliving stress and catching up. 

By allowing him time to be with his friends you will essentially show him that you have his trust, and he will find it hard cheating on you. Make sure you send him sweet texts and cute love quotes before you go to bed

Engage in Something Spontaneous To Show That You Love Him…Make you world and that of your boyfriend full of fun. Make a big impression by showering him with unexpected gifts to create spontaneity. This is how you do it; is he a romantic guy? Buy him a collection of romantic poems and place it under his pillow case. Don’t forget to inscribe the words “I Love You” on the cover page.

He loves the outdoors? A camping trip would just the perfect gift. Take a walk in the lush gardens nearby or visit a local park for some bird watching. 

What are you waiting for? Start today, before you know it, he will be all yours; there’s how to get your boyfriend love to you!

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