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Sunday, November 03, 2013

How to Make Him Happy in a Relationship
When I was a little girl, I used to read a story of how a certain girl met this handsome guy; fell in love with him, got married lived happily forever. As I grew up I desired that one day that my prince charming would come knocking and just like the story went we would live happily ever after.

It wasn’t long before I met the man of my dreams, and quickly fell in love. I swiftly learnt that unlike in the story, I had to keep my man happy if the relationship was to stand the test of time. I had to learn how keep my man in high spirits no matter the situation. For any woman out there who may be undergoing the same predicament like I was, here is how to make him happy in a relationship:

Pass Compliments to Him…While it may be true that women love compliments, try complimenting your man and you will be amazed at the reception you will receive from him. Compliment met him in whatever activity he engages in, whether good or bad and he will turn into a well-rounded guy that you’ve always hoped for.

Avoid Fights…Don’t pick up unnecessary fights with your man if you want to keep him happy. If you have to resolve any issue, sitting down with him and engaging in a reconciliatory chat is the way to go as opposed to yelling at him. In a nut shell avoid arguments.

Have Fun…The biggest mistake most women make is to try and have a perfect relationship. They try so hard that in the long run they forget to bring in some fun to the relationship. Go for a karaoke night, frequent the movie theaters once in a while and in doing so you will make the bond between you even stronger.

It doesn’t take much to keep him happy in a relationship. Is the fear of falling in love driving him away? Some ingenuity will keep him coming home to you every night, forever. It worked for me; it will certainly work for you!

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