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Sunday, November 03, 2013

How to Bring Him Closer When He Pulls Away
Why do men pull away from relationships? What do you do when a man pulls away? Let’s face it; every man is looking for that special woman to settle down with. Even that habitual player is hoping to get a woman who can turn his players’ life around.

The main reason why men pull away from relationships doesn’t necessarily depend on how messed up the relationship is or your physical looks (never mind it was the first aspect that got him attracted to you in the first instance). A man will pull away if he is not getting sufficient attraction to make him feel that he should be with you. How do you bring him back to the fold when he withdraws?

When a man pulls away, here’s how to bring him closer:

Arouse More Than the Physical Attraction…You have to awaken more than physical senses if you are to create a long lasting interest from your man. Sadly most women don’t know how to do this. You must keep the level of attraction at high levels if you are to get from simple greetings to sharing attraction and intimacy. 

Be Skilled at Handling Common Situations…It is difficult to be in a relationship without fights, but don’t make such fights be the reason for breakups. If genuine love is what you made of, avoid mistakes you did in your last relationships. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and hope for different results. Most men simply don’t tolerate eccentric behaviors and will end up pulling away if they occur repetitively. 

Understand His Emotional Environment …Contrary to a popular conception, men have an emotional side too, the most delicate kind. Don’t be fooled by the masculinity, your man may be as emotional (if not more) as you. Failing to understand your man emotional environment will gradually lead to his withdraw. Men express emotions in an indirect and figurative way. When a man pulls away, how do you bring him closer? Attune to his emotional world and the rest will fall into place.

In the quest to draw your man closer start by asking yourself, why does he keep pulling away? After establishing the main reasons, work towards improving them. The above tips will certainly be helpful. 

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