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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Make Him Commit Without Asking
Many women will attest to the fact that they have at one point or the other been in a relationship where the man says he loves and cares for them. The only problem is the man is not showing any signs of committing. You feel that you need to be closer to your man because you are too attached to him. How do you make him commit without asking? The following tips will certainly come in handy:

Date More Than One Guy at the Same Time…Even though you know which man you should be with, dating other guys would make your man feel he is not the “only one”. He will quickly learn than you are open to new opportunities. If he truly loves you he will commit without you having to ask for it.

Be Lovable…If a man does not feel you ready to be loved, he will take his time when it comes to committing. You need to show your man that you are in need of love. Constantly show him that you are able to handle his emotions as well.

Be in Touch With Your Emotions…In order to make him commit without asking, you need to be true to who you are by being in touch with your feelings. You will know how to react to your emotions instead of letting your feelings take over how you react. Handle your emotions and in so doing you will make him commit without asking.

Let Him Be…Men want to be in relationships with women whom they can be totally themselves. This basically means that a man can be his real self when around you. If a man feels he can be who he truly is when around you, be sure of his commitment.

Be Susceptible… No matter what position you hold at your work place for instance, if you let a man see your sensitive side, he will feel safe around you and will be more open with you on I addition to gaining his trust. Be sure that he will dedicate his energies towards making the relationship work.

Falling in love with the right partner is a beautiful thing. We all don’t want to lose the men we love simply because we didn’t do what was required of us. These 5 easy steps to make him commit will go a long way in ensuring you have your man everlastingly. 

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