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Thursday, November 07, 2013

I Want to Get Engaged to My Boyfriend
Recently my close female friend told me “I want to get engaged to my boyfriend”. She wanted some advice on what to do. Majority of men don’t have the slightest ideas on how to get engaged to their girlfriends. Your man can make you wait for long without being engaged to you simply because he doesn’t know how to do it. While it is the responsibility of a man to take the lead when it comes to getting engaged, sometimes you may find yourself playing the role.

Here’s the advice I gave her…

Attend Weddings Frequently…Make your man attend weddings frequently with you. During the wedding mention some points that would be appealing to him. For instance tell him, if I ever get to walk down the aisle with you, I’d love the groomsmen to be dressed exactly like that! This will make him know that you are serious about getting engaged.

Mention Your Friends Engagement…When one of your girlfriends gets a ring don’t mind mentioning it to your boyfriend. Emphasize on how sweet it was. Mention that you would love to have an engagement ring from him in private one day. If you don’t have the guts to tell him on his face, send sweet texts to his phone suggesting what you want from him. You can also send him cute love quotes if you really want to make it look special.

Mention Couples You Really Admire…Maybe his parents are about to celebrate an anniversary, mention to him that you really admire them and you would love your marriage to be as strong as theirs. Tell your boyfriend about other couples you take examples from on what an ideal marriage should be like. You boyfriend will certainly take hints on what you are driving at and may soon get that engagement ring on your finger.
I want to get engaged to my boyfriend. How will you make it happen? Will face your man and tell him to the face or wait for him to propose? The first suggestion always works. Trust me!

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