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Friday, December 13, 2013

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend through Text

My very close friend recently told me that men are like little kids. “Isn’t that insensitive?” I asked “Don’t get me wrong” she answered. You have to keep telling him over and over again that you love him if you want to win his heart over. “Mmmh that’s true” I said to her while nodding my head. Get things to say to your boyfriend through text and you will have an easy time making him love you.

For any woman out here who is reading this, you need to understand that love text messages take a very special place in any relationship and cannot be ignored. Never fall short of love sayings for your boyfriend. For those women who may be having a hard time in coming up with even a single Passionate Text, I and my friend have a short compilation of passionate text messages you can send to your boyfriend right now and start taking pleasure in your relationship more than ever before;
• I don’t know how long my life will be but all I know is that you are the sweetest puzzle that makes my life complete.

• I may not be at your side always, but I will be there to share in your tears and laughs all the time.
• You made my heart skip a beat when I laid my eyes on you for the first time.

• I will ever get the right words to say what you mean to me? Please believe me when I say I love you.
• We are already having a great time, and I am sure it can only get better with time.

You must be amazed at how simple it is to compile things to say to your boyfriend through text! You now have an idea of what the next thing to say to your boyfriend should sound like. Compose it and forward it to his inbox right now.

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