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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Creating a Traffic Driving Network of InfoBarrel Articles

Linking Your InfoBarrel Articles Together
The greatest thing about writing for InfoBarrel is that it is so easy to continually improve the way you write and drive traffic for your articles.  Nearly once a week I come across or discover new strategies to improve my articles.  Each time I am amazed because my biggest improvements have come from such small detailed strategies.  This post will describe a basic approach that caused me to go through and edit all of my articles as soon as I came across it.
Linking your articles together will help drive unique traffic to your articles that will increase your views and reads.  When an individual visits your site and reads your articles they will be much more likely to view your other content.  You must give them the opportunity to do this.  By including links in your articles to your other content you can achieve this.  Appropriate links within your article will actually increase the score that InfoBarrel gives to your article.  There are a few techniques you can use to link your articles together in a way that looks natural and flows within your content.
  • Imbed the links of your other articles in text do not include a URL link.
  • Link relevant articles to each other.  If you link an article about Hunting Elk to an article about Cupcake Recipes your click through rate will not be successful.
  • Use a call to action statement within your article to invite your viewers to visit your link to other articles.  This must be done strategically so it flows within your content and relates to a topic you have written about.
  • At the end of your article ask your readers if they liked what they read.  Invite them to view your latest article or another article related to your topic.  If a reader really enjoys what you have written they will be interested in what else you have written about.  Provide a link at the end of your article for them to do this.

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