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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Top 4 Market Samurai Keyword Research Filters to Drive Traffic to Your InfoBarrel Articles

When you begin to write for infobarrel, having a plan of what to write about and why to write a certain subject is crucial.  Writing for your passions is the easiest way to start because you have a lot of knowledge and motivation on that subject.  The key to being successful on Infobarrel is writing articles as often as possible.  But choosing what topics and content people are looking to read about regarding your passions is equally important.
Market Samurai is a keyword research tool that allows you to effectively find highly searched, low competition keyword topics, and assess their commerciality.  We’ve broken down the top 4 keyword search filters that we started using and found the most success with when using Market Samurai for our Infobarrel articles.
The amount of daily searches a keyword gets is very important.  This shows you there’s actually interest in that topic.  The SEO Traffic keyword filter will show you the maximum potential daily clicks that a number one ranked site on Google will get for a particular keyword.  When starting out writing for Infobarrel, finding keyword topics with at least 50 daily searches is recommended.
Phrase to Broad Ratio
The Phrase-to-Broad keyword filter will show you how often a strand of long tail keywords are used together.  As you start to “niche down” and get more specific with the topics you are going to write about, you want to find out the frequency that those strings of 2,3, or 4 word long tail keyword chains are being used together.    The Phrase-to-Broad ration (PBR) will show you the percentage of phrase-match searches out of broad-match searches for a particular long tail keyword chain.  Nothing less than a 0.15 or 15% PBR ratio should be used when choosing a long tail keyword topic for an Infobarrel article.
The Adwords cost per click keyword filter will show what you can expect to pay to have an ad appear for a particular keyword on google.  The higher the better because this will mean a higher amount of revenue earned when people click on adds related to your article topic.  Look for keywords that have at least an adwords cost per click value (AWCPC) of $1.00.
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