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Friday, February 07, 2014

 Try out Listia it's free and you'll get free credits just to join. I give away stuff I was going to through away and then buy stuff I want with the points. So I finally gave in to all the emails I've received about this site. There were just to many of my friends telling me about all the free stuff they were getting. The sign up took a couple minutes but it was easy. It's like another eBay only without the money... Nice!!! 
Your items are shipped to you just as quickly and the safeguards seem to mimic eBay's guidelines. They work on a feedback system and it's easy to see who's got the reputation and who to stay away from.
All in all I love this site. I'm now recommending it to all my friends and if you pass your referral link around, you also get free credits. That picture to the left is my referral link. just sign up and post your link to all your blogs. You'll start getting free stuff too.

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