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Monday, November 03, 2014

Preventing Baby Gate Injuries
Even in the most secure environment, your child can still get injured at home. Once the young one learns how to crawl the need to restrict them to certain areas becomes necessary. One of the easiest ways to keep your child from accessing potentially dangerous places in the house or outdoors is through the use of baby gates. However, baby gates can cause injuries to the young one if safety basics are not adhered to.

Below are some practical ways that can feature in your preventing baby gate injuries list.

Uninstall the Gate When it’s no Longer Needed… Sooner or later, your child will no longer need the gate for a number of reasons. When you child has attained a height of 36 inches or is more than two years old the gate many not be as useful. By this time, your child is tall or strong enough to climb over the gate. However, you need to remember that he or she is still a child and the chances of falling when climbing the gate are higher than going over it. You need to uninstall the gate as soon as the young one attempts to climb over it consistently as that is a sign the gate is no longer needed.

Avoid Baby Gates with Large Gaps… Most baby gates have gaps separating one rail from the other. When buying a gate, avoid gates that have gaps that are more than 5 inches apart. Likewise avoid safety barriers that come with wire mesh screens that are more than one square inch. Wider gaps present an opportunity for your child to pass his or her head through the gate.

When your child’s head is in between the gates, you can’t rule out the chances of it getting stuck, which can lead to severe injuries. Go to various online stores such as Amazon and read the customer reviews about best baby gates. When you know what others have to say about a product, you make an informed buying decision and by extension help you in preventingbaby gate injuries.

Use Gates that are Certified for Safety… Avoid using old gates. They are more hazardous and will only expose your child to more risks. Go for gates that are in line with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) regulations. If you want to block top of the stairs, go a top of stairs baby gate that has the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification. A certified safety gate will not only help you in preventing baby gate injuries but will guarantee functionality as well. Apart from safety certification, you need to check the gate’s locking system. It needs to be easy to operate but at the same time serve its purpose.

With the proper safety measures in place, preventing baby gates is not a daunting task. In fact, these accidents should not happen particularly when you consider that the rules are easy to execute. Keep checking the gate often to ensure it is still strong and functioning as it should be. When the gate has lost its functionality, you may replace it with a new one to ensure your child is safe all the time.

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