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Saturday, November 08, 2014

What's the Safest Baby Gate?

Just like anything else, there are baby safety gates that will not protect your child fully at home. The truth is there is more to a safety gate that just denying the young one from accessing certain areas. The level of safety will differ from one gate to the other, and you need to distinguish between a gate that will meet you demands and a gate that will not.
Baby gates safety boils down to functionality. In other words, the unit should deliver as per what its manufacturer says it should. These guidelines outlined below will help you settle for a gate that offers maximum safety.

Good Reception by Customers… If the gate is of good quality and offers maximum safety, chances are that its users will have something positive to say about it. The best baby gates reviews found on an assortment of websites and online retailers such as Amazon are mostly based on the unit’s ability to deliver. Read the most helpful reviews while paying attention to the negative reviews. Look at how long the customer says he or she has used the gate. That way you will be in a position to establish the most appropriate baby safety gates for use at home.

Flexibility… The more flexible the gate, the better it is at preventing baby gate injuries. Gates that can be installed in more than one opening are made using high safety standards. Some come with installation kits that allow you to fit them in odd areas. There are other gates that can be extended to cover wide openings such as a fireplace. Others can be mounted on the stairway and at the bottom of the stairs. In other words, if a manufacturer makes a barrier that is versatile, they are going to make sure it is as safe as possible to secure each opening there are used on. However, it is imperative to mention that unless a gate is hardware mounted, never use it to secure top of the stair. Top of stairs baby gates should be fixed firmly to the walls using screws bearing in mind how risky top of stairs is.

Tough on the Kid, Easy for You… Kids are curious by nature and before long the young one will start to look for ways to open the gate same way you do. The safest baby safety gates come with a locking system that is impossible for a young one to open. There are other gates that lock themselves automatically after you’ve passed through them. If the lock system doesn’t allow the gate to close automatically, the locking system should at the very least have latch indicator that shows when the gate it locked. It may also have an alarm that goes off when the gate is left open.

Baby safety gates are one of the most important devices to buy if you want to see your child through the crawling stage without injuries. It thus goes without saying that the first assessment you should conduct on gate is its safety features. The security system should be up to date with the latest technology. However, you should also know that how and where you install the gate ultimately determines its ability to keep your child safe.

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