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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Long Sweet Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend
Sometimes it takes more than a five words to tell your boyfriend how you really feel about him and your relationship. This calls for the need to send him long sweet messages to pass the intended point. You need to know how to write long sweet messages to send to your boyfriend lest you sound vague and contradictory.

Tips For Texting Someone You Like…Here is what you need to know when sending him that long text message

>>>> Start by greeting the person respectively.

>>>> Be interesting.

>>>> Don’t sound desperate, just be straight to the point

>>>> Be creative; don’t talk about the same thing all the time lest he thinks you are boring.

>>>> Wait until he replies to the text you have just sent him; don’t bother him he could be doing other things.

>>>> End the text well and in a respectful manner.

>>>> Until you get used to him, be the one to always send him goodbye if you want him to text you first thing when he wakes up in the morning.

Some of the long sweet messages to send to your boyfriend include:

>>>> I love you with all of my heart, you are the reason why a have the courage to face tomorrow, you mean a lot to me and just know that the world wouldn’t be the same if you never walked into my life.

>>>> I feel lucky to have you, you have changed me in a lot of ways, you have made me learn a lot about love, and you made me forget about the past pains, thanks for being there for me.

Should I text my boyfriend first? If a long message is what you want to send him, then you need to take time out and think of what you are about to say. You need to put in a way that makes sense and make it sound like it’s really coming from your heart.

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