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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Regain Your Vision - Read Without Glasses
Presbyopia also known in other terms as farsightedness usually among adults is the inability to focus on objects that are too close to you. Ideally up close objects appear blurry. Statistics show that this eye problem is rampant in middle age and has been the major cause of inability to read without having to wear glasses.

It’s important to note that there’s huge difference between Hyperopia and Presbyopia. While the latter is associated with inability to focus on objects that are near to you, Hyperopia is inability to focus on close objects at a young age mostly brought about by a short than normal eyeball.
Presbyopia is without doubt bothering especially for people who once enjoyed perfect vision and cannot read without glasses now. The inconvenience if even greater if you have to use your computer while working or scroll through your phone.

Luckily this condition can be correct and improve vision. Before we look at how it can be corrected, perhaps it’s important to sight a few symptoms that are associated with this disease. You’re likely to notice the following symptoms if you have Presbyopia:
· Excessive headaches accompanied with eyestrain when you’re performing a task that requires extra concentration like sewing or writing.

· Unending fatigue when carrying out near tasks.
· Incapability to read without glasses which may require you to hold reading materials close to you so as to focus better.

Wearing reading glasses is one the ways you can correct this anomaly. Other treatment options include wearing bifocals and progressive lenses. Besides these three treatment options LASIK surgery and conductive Kerotoplasty can be sought as well. However, these remedies may not provide a lasting solution to your blurred vision. Take reading glasses for instance, while you may be able to read with them for a while, you may have to seek other treatment options later as your eyes may end up being weak which basically means they’ll be doing you more harm than good. Be sure to be exercising your eyes too.
Presbyopia Training for Your Eyes… Vision rehabilitation, particularly one that’s geared towards improving the ways your eye works may be ideal to delay the starting and advancing of presbyopia. However, this is not for the faint at heart. It requires a lot of devotion and practice more or less 30 minutes every day. The good news is that you can buy devices that can help you attain better results faster. There has been documented evidence that patients can read without glasses if they seriously embark on vision therapy

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